Our guests speak about their experiences at the Ayurveda Resort Bogenvillya

Finn Canonica, May 2019

There are moments of happiness that are so powerful that it is almost embarrassing to talk about them – which is, of course, wrong, because you should always share your happiness! A stay at the one world foundation is one such moment. I have often asked myself what makes this place so special – well knowing that there is no clear answer, because the experience orchestrated by Kathrin Messner is made up of so many large and small things that combine into a Gesamtkunstwerk. I could mention a couple of examples. I could talk at length about the palm garden, which must have been the model on which the Garden of Eden was based; the most beautiful pool in the world (if you have children you’ll never get them out!); the wild monkeys and cool iguanas, the fascinating discussions with the host at the long table; the culinary delights created by Chamil and Wasantha; the wonderful people all around; and the roar of the sea on the tropical nights.

The one world foundation is a place that reminds you how good it is to be a sentient being on this beautiful planet.

Finn Canonica, Editor-in-chief DAS MAGAZIN

Yuen family, May 2019

Our two-week family holiday in the one world foundation’s Bogenvillya guesthouse turned into a unique, positive and wonderful (life) experience. We arrived as tourists and were received by Kathrin Messner, the owf founder, and her local team as friends and taken care of in this way throughout our stay. The extensive site is embedded in a wonderful tropical garden. You can cool off in the dark-green pool and nearby Indian Ocean. The beach extends for kilometres in both directions and is almost free of tourists. Guests eat together at a long table. The food is delightful, sophisticated and freshly prepared Ayurveda fare, supplemented if desired by fish or shellfish. Excursions and activities are organized lovingly by the local office staff. We will long remember our visit to the Free Education School.

Stars: *****

Olivia Ziviello Yuen and Bernd Yuen with Emma & Paul

Elvira Borbély, May 2019

For years I had heard of this great place, the OWF. I had visited its website many times and finally made a reservation. I was looking forward so much to my Ayurveda holiday and to spending time with my son. When I entered the gates of Bogenvillya I was simply overwhelmed. The beauty of the place, the indescribable energy, the lush natural surroundings, the elegant architecture, the Ayurveda cure and attentive therapists, the wonderful rooms, the art, the yoga, the history, the hot pool, the raging sea, Kathrin Messner. Altogether, I felt as if I was in paradise. But in a real and tangible paradise. Every object, every nook, every meal, every plant, every person who lived for this place radiated an incredible energy. I would call this energy love and life. After twelve days in the OWF, including Ayurveda cure, I achieved a frame of mind that I would never have thought possible. Every day in my business life in Zurich I feel the energy that I took back with me. Thank you – I’ll be back.

All my loving,
Elvira Borbély

Barbara Higgs, May 2019

Since I discovered the one world foundation and the Bogenvillya guesthouse in 1997, I have returned again and again to this magical site. Every day you can experience the beautiful symbiosis of art and life. Everything in Bogenvillya is stylish: the architecture of the thirteen houses and bungalows, the fantastic palm garden next to the sea, the tastefully laid table. The light meals are heavenly! You can do your lengths in the large pool with naturally coloured tiles before the morning yoga session, and the library is so well-stocked that you won’t want to read any of the books you’ve brought with you. The fantastic staff, supported from the beginning by Kathrin Messner, have grown with the project, and the atmosphere is professional and completely relaxed. The BEST THING of all is the fact that through their presence, the guests are subsidising a school for over 1,000 children and adolescents. After the attacks in April, this peace-promoting education project is more important than ever! Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems and Christians live and work here side by side. I have always felt safe in the one world foundation and am delighted to support this unique institution as a member of the sponsoring board in Switzerland.

Barbara Higgs, Schauspielhaus Zurich and Swiss sponsoring committee owf