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My impressions as a volunteer at the one world foundation school in Ahungalla, Sri Lanka

It was love at first sight when I visited Sri Lanka four years ago – I was instantly attracted to the warm and friendly people, to the nature surrounded by mysterious sounds that we are not familiar within Europe, and to the delicious food. My dream was to explore more of this country and culture through the local people’s way of living.

I learned about the one world foundation school during an extensive Ayurveda retreat at the owf Ayurveda Guesthouse & Resort Bogenvillya, leaving me impressed by its philosophy and the eagerness and motivation of the students and teachers. A sabbatical led me to apply as volunteer to teach English to the pupils that attend the school programme. I got accepted.

I am now four weeks into teaching – a completely new experience for me, quite different from my daily job back home. I find it very fulfilling and rewarding to volunteer, to assist the teachers and to work closely with students of all ages in order to help them exploring their potential and to offer them some prospects for the future. Under the roof of the owf all people are treated as equal and with the same respect, regardless of their religious background or their families’ wealth.

Especially in these devastating and difficult times after the recent events it seems important to promote a sense of togetherness and to teach the next generation how we can live in peace together in this one world.

It didn’t take long to become attached to the school and its wonderful young students, that warmly welcomed me with curiosity and thirst to learn. It was one of my best decisions in a long time to support these people in their personal and professional development!

(Désirée Kern, 22 April 2019)