OWF Newsletter

OWF Newsletter


I am writing to you today to ask for a special favour.


Our school has been in existence for over twenty years now. It is a source of inspiration and a meeting point for primary school children, for their mothers in the dressmaking classes, for young people learning English, Tamil, and IT, and for young musicians, photographers, athletes and chess players. The range is simply huge! Every year, some 300 certificates are presented to our successful students. Our training is officially recognised by the government and helps people in their careers. Attendance is still free. Around forty teachers are employed by us to create this highly appreciated and attractive learning environment. And in our beautiful Bogenvillya guesthouse and the new Araliya bungalow, many dear visitors can try out an Ayurveda cure or simply relax under the palm trees, and enjoy delicious curries and coconuts (the sun shines most of the time, even now in the rainy season).

As you know, the revenue from the guesthouse we earn in this way is used to finance our school, the “Free Education Unit”, which is attended by over 1,100 participants – children, juveniles, students and mothers. It is a beautiful, peaceful, philanthropic project, which also offers opportunities above all for young women. Today, the school costs € 180,000 a year to run, and we are reliant on further support for the maintenance and long-term survival of our school.

I am glad to announce that donations from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are now tax-deductible. I therefore invite you to join our Supporter’s Circle. With a one-time or an annual contribution of your choice, you will to help us to maintain the high quality of the school, which is what we are all aiming for. From € 50.- on you are already part of our Circle.

You can find further information in our folder. Your donation will be used directly and exclusively for our diversified education programme. My staff and I would be glad to answer any further questions you might have.