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Year-end celebration of the one world foundation school

Year-end celebration owf 2018 

Year-end celebration of one world foundation


At the year-end celebration of one world foundation our pupils presented a wide variety of impressive performances with music, dance, poetry and theatre plays. In addition to the distribution of certificates and the progress report a photo exhibition and the handcraft products of the Women’s Cooperation were shown. On our website under the section “current news” you can have a look at some pictures and a short video of the year-end celebration.


Franz Graf – Artist in Residence

Exhibition by Franz Graf 

Franz Graf, 2018


On 8 December Franz Graf presented the results of his productive work stay at one world foundation in a beautiful exhibition. In cooperation with Galerie Krinzinger the artist has been working as artist in residence in our studio since early November. We are very grateful to Franz Graf for creating a site-specific work on a wall in the garden area of our guesthouse. Images of the exhibition can be found here.